About me

Hi, I’m Alex, a portrait and street photographer.

I was introduced to my first film camera, a Voigtlander, when I was 12 by my father, a lifetime photographer from whom I learned everything I know. Since then, photography has always been in my life, firstly as a hobbie taking family photos on holidays and when travelling and then as a passion for capturing moments, emotions, feelings and make them last for years to come. 

Memories in the form of a photograph can make us revive longing life experiences, people that we shared them with and places that we had forgotten we walked on…. and the feeling, that feeling of remembering a moment so clearly that we could smell it, is priceless!  

I love what we can create from a feeling, that’s why I love shooting portraits of people in their environment, mostly outdoors and with as much natural lighting as possible which help to keep the moment true to how people in it remembers it.  

My second love is street photography which many times I mix it with street portraits of strangers. This brings a new dimension to my passion which is the interaction with the person when I ask them if they would like a portrait taken when I see something in them, whether it be their style, look or attitude. During this interaction, a great percentage of people find that when I tell them I like their look, it makes their day. Knowing this, helps me and makes my day too!